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All Beachmates Include Neck Rest, Net and Bottle Holder!Ezy Beach - Beach Mates and Beach Wedges for Ezy Outdoors

After years of carrying gear from the car down onto the beach, which makes a family trip to the beach a struggle and not fun. Ezy Beach decided to develop gear for the Aussie beach to make family trips more enjoyable, to make Ezy Outdoors.

Our products are great for camping and outdoor leisure activities. We have a great range of gifts and products you won't find anywhere else.

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Beachmate® - a wheeled beach cart which folds

Beach mate® carries everything you need to the beach in one trip, no more trekking back and forth to the car!

No more lugging your esky/cooler, fishing gear and swimming equipment down to the beach, put it in your Beach Mate®, a fantastic beach caddy or beach trolley to make it ea sy.

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Beach trolley features

  • Carries up to 90kg
  • Comes with a pocket for your keys, wallet, phone etc.
  • Folds within seconds to a small size for easy storage in any car boot
  • Easy assembly
  • Has a flexible sun visor, which can adjust to any angle
  • Sturdy construction: hopper with double walled nylon construction, rust proof aluminium frame
  • Can be used as a roomy and comfortable beach seat
  • Beach Mate Beach TrolleyHas all terrain tyres that won’t bog down in the sand – specially constructed for sand and loose gravel
  • The beach trolley is the ideal transport helper for fishing equipment, swimming gear, drinks, eskies and sporting equipment
  • Lightweight, it weighs only 4.8kgs and is convenient to carry.

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Beach Mate has many moving parts and is essential that the Beach Mate is maintained as per maintenance instructions supplied this includes the tightening of screws and cleaning of wheels etc.

Children using any Ezy Beach products should be supervised at all times.


Beach caddy - wheelie to get your gear to the beach

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