With the Beachmate Beach Trolley, you can carry everything you need to the beach in one trip! It can carry your esky/cooler, swimming equipment, towels, boogie board and even your fishing equipment in one trip.

Beach Trolley Features

The BeachMate Beach Trolley comes with some great features to help make that beach trip easy.

Carry up to 90 Kgs

The Beachmate Trolley can carry up to 90kg so you can easily manage all your things.

Balloon tyres glide over sand

The soft balloon wheels glide over loose beach sand making the trolley easy to get to the beach even when its loaded down.

The other wheel option is our puncture proof wheels for traversing rough terrain and/or thick scrub.

Folds Up small

The trolley folds within seconds to a small size to fit into any car boot and is easily assembled when you take it out.

Cargo net to keep stuff in

It comes with a cargo net so you don’t need to worry about anything falling off and it has all-terrain tyres that can handle sand or loose gravel without getting bogged.

At only 4.8kgs, it’s easy to carry or lift in and out of the car. The Beach Cart even has pockets to put your keys, wallet, phone etc in while you are swimming or watching the kids.

Added Benefits of our Beach Trolley

Because we use these ourselves, we have taken the extra steps to make sure this is a product you will love and want to use over and over again. Each Beach Trolley is individually checked before being sent out for delivery.

We use rust-free aluminium and stainless steel fixings so it doesn’t rust plus we use heavy duty PVC. The wheels are pneumatic and available in two different styles. The BeachMate Beach Trolley is also available in a variety of colours for you to choose from, blue, black, red and khaki.
As mentioned about, we have two different styles of tyres, normal and balloon. The balloon tyres are easier on softer sand. We even have an all-terrain kit that comes with both!

After Sales Service

Have a problem with your BeachMate Beach Trolley? Email us a photo of the part that needs replacing and a photo of your BeachMate and we will send out, at no charge (except for the wheels and cargo net.  No replacement fabric parts, seat section, head rest, etc.), a replacement part. We carry all the parts, all the time! Spare wheels or another cargo net can be purchased separately.

A Trolley is not just for the Beach!

We also sell other variations apart from the Beach Trolley. We have the Fishing Trolley, a Kayak Trolley, a Snow Trolley and a SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) Trolley. Each unique for the conditions required.

Trolley Testimonials

But don’t take just our word for it, here are some testimonials and reviews from some very happy customers. Click here to read them!

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