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Beachmate Maintenance

Pre-use Instructions


Attach pole to base of Beach Mate and tighten nuts, slide wheels onto pole and use clips to secure.


Ensure that all screws / nuts are tightened and maintained.


Lift up handle and pull out clips and slide through holes to attach.


Pull out leg at bottom to stand.


To fold down pull clips out of holes and fold handle down, fold leg at bottom in.


If necessary remove wheels for storage.


Cover net is to be attached by hooking over handle bar at sun shade and at bottom over round clips.


Beach Mate is a trolley used to transport items across sand/beach and then may be used as a chair.


Do not overweigh the Beach Mate, transportation up to 90kg limit.


Do not use the Beach Mate other than the use intended. NB: Warranty does not cover any damage through misuse of any kind.


Wash/rinse the Beach Mate regularly after use including removal of wheels to remove sand or dirt build up.


As the Beach Mate has many moving parts, regular tightening of screws and nuts is required.


Beach Mate is not designed to transport children, it is designed to transport beach / fishing articles only.


The beach mate is designed to be used in a beach or outdoor environment. The chair is designed to be used at the beach, picnics, fishing etc, although it may be used in many other situations.


When unpacked the tyres may give off an odour of rubber, this will disappear after use, if very strong we suggest washing in soapy water and leave in sun to dry.

Balloon Wheels

Wheels only to be pumped up to 0.14-0.20 bar  2-3 PSI and both wheels to be equal, pressure measurements are printed on each wheel.

Best to be done with an air measurer and max load 35kgs on each wheel

WARNING: Do not use the Beach Mate other than what it is designed for and ensure on-going maintenance is maintained.

Beach Mate has many moving parts and is essential that the Beach Mate is maintained as per maintenance instructions supplied this includes the tightening of screws and cleaning of wheels etc.

  • Children using any Ezy Beach products should be supervised at all times.
  • NB: Warranty does not cover any damage through misuse of any kind
  • No sharp objects to be placed in the Beach Mate
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