Ezybeach Beachmate Fishing Trolleys


Quality Control All trolleys are individually checked before being sent out Often batch ordered and sent out without checking
Quality Components Made with rust free aluminium plus stainless steel fixings Often made from steel which will rust in time
Quality material Heavy duty  PVC, made for strength and durability
Pneumatic Wheels
Variety of colours Blue, khaki, red Single colour
We do sell spare wheels, and cargo nets Spares available Difficult to get replacement parts
Quality Service We carry all the parts for the Beachmate which we will send out at no charge (apart from wheels and cargo net), just send us an email with a photo of the part that needs replacing plus a photo of the  Beachmate Not offered
The original and the best We are the original beach mate trolley, and  have been operating for the last 7 years Short term availability