Just wanted to say we love our deluxe beach transporters! I bought 3 from you for Christmas and they were promptly delivered. Thank you.
We have all used them and have found that they were invaluable over the holidays! Spending everyday at the beach in comfort, not having to do 3 trips from the car with all our gear! One load and you’re done!! Were great to have when we had to hike into remote beaches with 3 kids and all their gear!
The amount of people that have come upto me and asked “where did I get my beach trolley?” has been amazing and I proudly show them the logo and your web address to them! They love it!!! So if you are swamped with orders from the northern beaches (especially around Palm Beach) that’s me!!!! Can’t sell it to them enough!!! They are great!
Thanks again for great days at the beach in style and comfort!!! Look forward to taking them camping!