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Our Happy Customers

“I bought a Beach Mate from the Gold Coast Caravan and Home show in July and have used it on many occasions.

My daughter plays netball and as a manager of her team use it to transport all my gear from the car to the court.

I love it.”


“I have just returned from camping at Frazer Island and used the beach mate.

I had many people come up to me and ask “Where did you get the trolley from?” and are all surprised that it also turned into a chair.

Well done Ezy Beach!”


“You were so helpful last year letting me pick this up from your home in Long Jetty the day before a SLS Carnival I had to share these pictures with you.

We stay at a lodge in Guthega (near Perisher) ever year, there is a long steep slope that we have to walk up every year with all our gear. This year we had our Beach Mate to help us, it made life a whole lot easier!


Emma Jordan

“Now that I am back in Sydney, I write to thank you for your prompt and courteous service in attending to my late enquiry and purchase of your Beachmate trolley. It was delivered safely to our son in Port Macquarie, who duly brought it up to South West Rocks on the Friday – all in splendid time for Santa to leave it under the tree.
It was used every day – we enjoyed splendid weather – and there were many enquiries about it so I hope that translates into some additional sales for you.

My kindest regards”


“Just wanted to say we love our deluxe beach transporters! I bought 3 from you for Christmas and they were promptly delivered. Thank you.
We have all used them and have found that they were invaluable over the holidays! Spending everyday at the beach in comfort, not having to do 3 trips from the car with all our gear! One load and you’re done!! Were great to have when we had to hike into remote beaches with 3 kids and all their gear!
The amount of people that have come upto me and asked “where did I get my beach trolley?” has been amazing and I proudly show them the logo and your web address to them! They love it!!! So if you are swamped with orders from the northern beaches (especially around Palm Beach) that’s me!!!! Can’t sell it to them enough!!! They are great!
Thanks again for great days at the beach in style and comfort!!! Look forward to taking them camping!


“I have been meaning to contact you since Christmas.

Our Ezy Beach Beach Mates arrived on Christmas Eve, so thank you for your efforts to get them out in time.

Two families were very happy to receive them. Secondly, they are great, they have really had a workout at the beach, lake, picnics, parties, boating…. Both my daughters have 3 young boys so they are usually well packed.

We have had so many people ask about them so we hope you have had lots of repeat orders from the Redhead Beach and Narrabeen areas.

Every time we have used them people have made inquiries and we have directed them to your website and sung both your company and the products’ praises.

I just wanted to share this with you and say a big thank you.”

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